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Invest With An Intention

Investing in unit trust should start with an intention. Is it for retirement, education, lifestyle sustenance - or legacy considerations, to name a few? The ultimate goal is to reap a measure of profits. With guidance and some fore-knowledge, you can get started. The rest is about monitoring consistently until the desired objectives are met.

Let us help you structure out a portfolio that is uniquely yours, so that you can invest with confidence and achieve your desired goals in the future.

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About Us

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We're a leading agency with more than 27 years in the Malaysian Unit Trust industry

When push comes to shove, nothing matters more than fact-backed investment advice. We've seen quite a number of economic shifts to be able to make sense how investment and market cycles work - and that had enabled us to formulate methodologies to help thousands of clients in their investment strategies. Learn about:

  • Economic and Market Cycles

  • Investing Fundamentals

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Our Services

Real-world Investment Experience

We have tasted more salt than others. Our advisory services stem from what was learnt from the past, to be applied now, to encapsulate a profitable future

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    Dream Discovery Discussion

    Bring your dreams to fruition! Schedule a call with us - it's free; please enter your contact details below. Your privacy matters; all discussions are PDPA-compliant

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    Monthly Current Affairs Talk

    Keep up to speed about our fast-paced world. Be smarter and decisive in current economic affairs, locally and globally!

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    i-Portfolio Evaluation

    Do you want straight up advice on your existing investments? We will examine what you have, and structure a best-fit plan. Our investment products are regulated and fully-compliant with the Securities Commission of Malaysia (SEC)

    Our Journey

    Why We Are Liked!

    It took us many years to build trust and credibility. With our highly responsible and responsive team, we just simply deliver!






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    Client Reviews

    What Our Clients Are Saying

    We didn't say it - they did!

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    Neat, precise and clear as day! Now I understand the meaning of planning for retirement.

    Michelle Leoh

    Senior Manager

    Meet The Team

    Togetherness is Abundance; Experience is Timeless Wisdom

    This is our nationwide team, trained to deliver professional advice with a healthy dose of old-fashioned friendliness. 

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    Share with us your Dreams ... & we will work out a Plan!

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    Would you like to talk to us about your financial future? We'll have a team member call you at the soonest. Also, we are seeking fresh talent (from ages 18 to 60) throughout Malaysia to join our nationwide team. Fill in your details below: